Reflection letter to parents

Dear Umi and Ayah,

I’m writing to tell you about my study skills class. In this class I learn about new skills of studying like doing study plan, making reading log etc. I also get help with my home work from my teacher. 

In study skills I stay organised and check my homework by going to my teachers google classroom. My system is working well because I organize my time to do my homework. My goal is to keep doing this.

Also, I do independent reading at home and in study skills class. I think this is important because it makes me learn new vocabulary and helps me to know some thing new about the world. Also, i enjoy the book that i am reading, it is El Deafo.I have read 5 books and I keep track of the books I have read by writing them in my reading log. I want to read at least 5 more books by the end of this semester. I like reading comic books but i want to try fiction and nonfiction, also.

The thing that motivates me to learn is to know about history of the world, get good grades, and make my parents happy. My strongest learning habit is respectful. I want to work on perseverance. my goal is to be collaborative.



Lost boys (and girls) of Sudan 

The map is in the United States of America. It’s about 28 states in there. The most boys and girls lost is in Texas. And the less is District of Columbia.  But in the map, it doesn’t have District of Columbia. Instead to say “District of Columbia “, I could say it Columbia. It has a lot of color to knew it. And Columbia is brown.