Journey to Escape by Faris

For decades, many children or teenagers, mostly female were sent to be in sex-slavery. In the book Sold by Patricia McCormick, the author throws a vignette about a girl from Nepal, Lakshmi, who were forced to work for her family. Involuntarily, she then was sent to be a prostitute in India after running away from her job. Because the story is written about a girl who is in sex-trafficking, some pages have a little bit of dark content.

Many famous author have read this book and they gave many positive comments in Patricia McCormick’s website. The book Sold is highly recommended to read in my opinion because reading the book itself is intense. To begin with, Lakshmi was sent into a prostitution and in order to escape from the situation, she has to pay her family’s debt.

Her family borrowed some money from someone they know and hasn’t pay it yet. It all starts when Lakshmi worked as a maid at a rich house. One of the owner didn’t let Lakshmi go home. Then, Mumtaz (one of the owner) forced Lakshmi to go to a room with men and do whatever the men ask. “You will take men to your room” she says “And do whatever they ask for you. You will work here, like the other girls, until your debt is paid off.” (Pg 106) As you can see, Lakshmi is innocent and didn’t plan for this to happen. Although Mumtaz might be bad, she still provide Lakshmi some foods in order to let her live and do whatever Mumtaz wants.

But there was this one night where Mumtaz forced Lakshmi to be with the men, and Lakshmi shook her head, which means she doesn’t want to. But Mumtaz blackmailed Lakshmi otherwise she will not give Lakshmi foods.

In the book Sold, setting is highly important because of how places can define two different types of Lakshmi. In India, she feels frighten about her surrounding, meanwhile in Pakistan she feel like hope is everywhere.

Lastly, the author wrote this story in Lakshmi’s perspective. In my opinion, the author did that because she wants to make people flow with the story and express what Lakshmi’s perspective is. Many people may ask why is the title of the book call Sold. In the book, the author reference to how Lakshmi was sold to prostitution.

PTC 2017 Sem1

Dear Mom and Dad,
   I would like to inform you that we have to write a letter for PTC. In Study Skill we got to do our homework, also we discuss about our organization of our grade, and sometimes we check Google Classroom and PowerSchool. We are learning about our goals and our skills.
    Here I will inform about my learning and my skill in Study Skill. We learn how to keep track on something such as turning in homework and also other thing. How do I organized? As I said that I keep track of my homework and checking PowerSchool. What’s my goal? My goal is to trying to read a high level book (but not so high) such as 7th Grade level.
    What have I read for this semester? I’ve read 5 books which you can see in my reading log. What’s my reading goal? As I said earlier I’m trying to read a high level book. Why independent reading important? Independent reading is important because it help you to increase your level and it gives you to read as much book as you want. 
    Lastly, I did my great work and I’ve achieve my goal. To wrap up I’m going to give you one more things about Study Skills. Study skills is a great place to do your assignment, homework etc.