ΩStudy skills is a place where you can do your homework and they will teach you to be good in learning. You can be doing your work there because they will help you such as math, science etc.

They will teach you with thing.They kind of want you to try yourself when you do your homework but if you didn’t know you can ask them for help. After you are done with the learning you can do whatever you want such do IXL etc.

In this semester we learn about notability, note etc. I’ve also done with any of my work. We Need to fill things in our binder. I always completed my homework.

What I did is that I sat on a couch and I check my classroom all the time when I come there. I sometimes do my math homework but also I did my science project.

Overall, I’ve learn a lot of new thing and my goal for study skill is to try to learn more and do my work by myself and first, I really need to practice math skill.


                                    ARES LIFE
           Ares, the olympian god of war, is one of the twelve olympian gods. He was the strongest olympian god and amazing at battling. Ares used golden spear, golden armor etc. Although the god is strong, he is unpopular olympian god. Everyone thought that he is like a wild animal that hunting for food.“Child, please don’t be cruel to all the god and the people; They’ll hate you one day.” said Hera. He nodded, but after a while he started to be angry again.

          One day, Ares saw Aphrodite with her beauty face at the Mount Olympia . He stared at her for a moment. The god started to be in love with her. But then, Aphrodite love a Scout Boy. Ares was so mad and he transform himself into a boar and hurt the boy.

          Every Olympian god thought that Ares was a horrifying god because he trying to kill the Scout Boy to dead. He also revolting everyone’s feeling or mood. He got a vampire to help him which is the bird, vulture and the venomous snake.

        “You will be mine”, Ares whisper to himself. Ares represented as the raw violence untamed act that occurred in wartime. He was disliked by both his parents. Even Zeus hated him more than everyone else. Ares can also be called Mars. He was born in Thrace. Ares might have been the god of minor conflicts.

         Ares ruled over war, bloodshed, death. IF THERE’S NO ARES, IT WOULD BE MOST LIKELY NO GOD OF WAR. Ares even killed his cousin, Halirrhothius because he was about to rape Alcippe , daughter of Ares. “Chirp,chirp”he killed his cousin. He is dangerous as a scary monster. Heracles, the heroes stopped Ares to be an evil man or god. The hero trying to defend all the people that he wanted to kill.

        At the end, although he embodied the physical aggression necessary for success in war, the Greeks were scared toward him because he is dangerous. The thing that we learn from this myth is that don’t be cruel to all the people until people don’t want to be with you.