Passport to the past

Reflection to the cave art,
My reflection for my cave art is that I have slightly improved my ability to write about the history of the cave art. This makes me feel that I have slightly improved my skills in humanities. For me the most important part was to give a purpose about why are we learning about cave art. I realised that now I can give a detail on what I learn or make in this cave art. Perhaps, I can use an academic word to make this passport. What I draw in my cave art is that I draw an elephant. I kind of choose elephant because I like it and I know how can I draw it. Why did early human use to draw to communicate? Because they don’t have language and they couldn’t speak. I learn about how early humans from prehistory make a cave art. It tell me about how the early human get to communicate.img_0890 img_0891 img_0895 img_0896

Voices of Ancient World

My Reflection

I have slightly developed my skills in talking, writing etc. This makes me feel sure that I can do the video. For me the most meaningful learning was that I can improve my skills in Humanities. I usually work hard even though I face many challengers. I have learnt how to improve my speaking. So for this project, we had to choose an artifact from four ancients civilizations. And then, we need to explain about the artifact we have chosen. I chose Egyptian art because I like their art and I would like to make a video about it. I was able to find many different resources. I filmed the video by myself about it. Lastly, I made a plaque about Egyptian Art with a lot of information about it.


The full name of Nefertiti is Neferneferuaten Nefertiti and the meaning of her name is her “a beautiful woman has come”. She was born in 1370 B.C.E and she was died in 1330 B.C.E. Queen Nefertiti was the main wife of the pharaoh Akhenaten. She was the second most powerful person in Egypt and ruled alongside Akhenaten. Nefertiti is famous for a sculpture of her that shows how beautiful she was. She’s often considered as the most beautiful women in the world