Passport to the past

Reflection to the cave art,
My reflection for my cave art is that I have slightly improved my ability to write about the history of the cave art. This makes me feel that I have slightly improved my skills in humanities. For me the most important part was to give a purpose about why are we learning about cave art. I realised that now I can give a detail on what I learn or make in this cave art. Perhaps, I can use an academic word to make this passport. What I draw in my cave art is that I draw an elephant. I kind of choose elephant because I like it and I know how can I draw it. Why did early human use to draw to communicate? Because they don’t have language and they couldn’t speak. I learn about how early humans from prehistory make a cave art. It tell me about how the early human get to communicate.img_0890 img_0891 img_0895 img_0896

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