Journey to Escape by Faris

For decades, many children or teenagers, mostly female were sent to be in sex-slavery. In the book Sold by Patricia McCormick, the author throws a vignette about a girl from Nepal, Lakshmi, who were forced to work for her family. Involuntarily, she then was sent to be a prostitute in India after running away from her job. Because the story is written about a girl who is in sex-trafficking, some pages have a little bit of dark content.

Many famous author have read this book and they gave many positive comments in Patricia McCormick’s website. The book Sold is highly recommended to read in my opinion because reading the book itself is intense. To begin with, Lakshmi was sent into a prostitution and in order to escape from the situation, she has to pay her family’s debt.

Her family borrowed some money from someone they know and hasn’t pay it yet. It all starts when Lakshmi worked as a maid at a rich house. One of the owner didn’t let Lakshmi go home. Then, Mumtaz (one of the owner) forced Lakshmi to go to a room with men and do whatever the men ask. “You will take men to your room” she says “And do whatever they ask for you. You will work here, like the other girls, until your debt is paid off.” (Pg 106) As you can see, Lakshmi is innocent and didn’t plan for this to happen. Although Mumtaz might be bad, she still provide Lakshmi some foods in order to let her live and do whatever Mumtaz wants.

But there was this one night where Mumtaz forced Lakshmi to be with the men, and Lakshmi shook her head, which means she doesn’t want to. But Mumtaz blackmailed Lakshmi otherwise she will not give Lakshmi foods.

In the book Sold, setting is highly important because of how places can define two different types of Lakshmi. In India, she feels frighten about her surrounding, meanwhile in Pakistan she feel like hope is everywhere.

Lastly, the author wrote this story in Lakshmi’s perspective. In my opinion, the author did that because she wants to make people flow with the story and express what Lakshmi’s perspective is. Many people may ask why is the title of the book call Sold. In the book, the author reference to how Lakshmi was sold to prostitution.

Immigration Vignette

Life in the old days

It was in the morning, the living room was dark. It was the first day of work. I rushed to the kitchen and get my breakfast. I gradually go to the backyard and get my bicycle. Not so long, I arrived to my destination. The factory. Yeah- the factory. That’s where I worked. I saw my name on a table and they had misspelled it, but that’s okay. It was a very hot day, as hot as a flame. Thinking back to the nightmare about getting tease in the new workplace, I had to go through every night was keep popping in and out of my mind. I hope one day, I can get rid of this nightmare and pretend this as daydreams. My house is very near to the factory. The factory was so dirty, and it’s because of the workers, who uses some materials and didn’t clean it back. The loud machine was making a weird noise but nothing can stop it. I heard that there are always inefficient amount of food and supplies that are limited. The work and the factory was a bit uncomfortable but my family is depended on me I wish I could change job but this is the only opportunity that I have. I had to work for 18 hours but they only give me $5. My family would use all of this money in a second. Why don’t I always have enough money? I work so hard to earn the things I want. However, whenever I earn money by completing work in a long time, I use it in a very short amount of time. I remember a few years back, my father used to come home with many stitches on his wrist and many scar on his face. That was because the work was harmful. Anyways, I feel so grateful for having such an opportunities to work in the factory.

New tools

As soon as I get to the factory, there are sudden changes. A new world had begun. I first noticed there are some tools that are brand new. The factory was not a “factory” anymore. It looks like a whole new place. The factory was very interesting. The first tool that I noticed was called spinning Jenny.  My friend and I was talking about the tools. One factor that the factory was upgraded, is because of the workers are growing, and it makes the work faster and much more efficient. For example, by the mid-18th century, population growth. There are some new techniques of working. The new ways of working is much more easier, not so tiring and most importantly, it’s not hard anymore. Also, machinery could now function much faster, and no human power needed even. I saw that there are many improvement and growing more product faster, day by day. Just one fact if you don’t know, Industrial Revolution began in England by 1700s. It had spread to other countries also such as America. The other one is it changes in social and living conditions. It brought significant social changes. Finally, and most important, the production is much more faster, useful, and more efficient.

Working in the factory

The loud noise from the big machine, clunking sound all over the factory. The workers were sweating, rushing, focusing on their work. It’s a mess all over the place. Some were sewing and else were cleaning up some mess. The place was very new to me because I’ve never been in this place. My family is depended on me. I was very new, all the workers were staring at me as if I’ve done a huge mistake. I was so embarrassing and shy at first but I kept on going on. I sat on the chair, but before, as soon as I sat on the chair, my boss was shouting “Every workers, please come here”. As soon as I get there, my boss was just mentioning that there will be workers who’s in other factory will team up and check our work. I took a deep breathe and went back to my table. My partner, he’s old, I knew that by how he had kept his moustache for long time and his beard. But I kept on going on.

PTC 2017 Sem1

Dear Mom and Dad,
   I would like to inform you that we have to write a letter for PTC. In Study Skill we got to do our homework, also we discuss about our organization of our grade, and sometimes we check Google Classroom and PowerSchool. We are learning about our goals and our skills.
    Here I will inform about my learning and my skill in Study Skill. We learn how to keep track on something such as turning in homework and also other thing. How do I organized? As I said that I keep track of my homework and checking PowerSchool. What’s my goal? My goal is to trying to read a high level book (but not so high) such as 7th Grade level.
    What have I read for this semester? I’ve read 5 books which you can see in my reading log. What’s my reading goal? As I said earlier I’m trying to read a high level book. Why independent reading important? Independent reading is important because it help you to increase your level and it gives you to read as much book as you want. 
    Lastly, I did my great work and I’ve achieve my goal. To wrap up I’m going to give you one more things about Study Skills. Study skills is a great place to do your assignment, homework etc.




ΩStudy skills is a place where you can do your homework and they will teach you to be good in learning. You can be doing your work there because they will help you such as math, science etc.

They will teach you with thing.They kind of want you to try yourself when you do your homework but if you didn’t know you can ask them for help. After you are done with the learning you can do whatever you want such do IXL etc.

In this semester we learn about notability, note etc. I’ve also done with any of my work. We Need to fill things in our binder. I always completed my homework.

What I did is that I sat on a couch and I check my classroom all the time when I come there. I sometimes do my math homework but also I did my science project.

Overall, I’ve learn a lot of new thing and my goal for study skill is to try to learn more and do my work by myself and first, I really need to practice math skill.


                                    ARES LIFE
           Ares, the olympian god of war, is one of the twelve olympian gods. He was the strongest olympian god and amazing at battling. Ares used golden spear, golden armor etc. Although the god is strong, he is unpopular olympian god. Everyone thought that he is like a wild animal that hunting for food.“Child, please don’t be cruel to all the god and the people; They’ll hate you one day.” said Hera. He nodded, but after a while he started to be angry again.

          One day, Ares saw Aphrodite with her beauty face at the Mount Olympia . He stared at her for a moment. The god started to be in love with her. But then, Aphrodite love a Scout Boy. Ares was so mad and he transform himself into a boar and hurt the boy.

          Every Olympian god thought that Ares was a horrifying god because he trying to kill the Scout Boy to dead. He also revolting everyone’s feeling or mood. He got a vampire to help him which is the bird, vulture and the venomous snake.

        “You will be mine”, Ares whisper to himself. Ares represented as the raw violence untamed act that occurred in wartime. He was disliked by both his parents. Even Zeus hated him more than everyone else. Ares can also be called Mars. He was born in Thrace. Ares might have been the god of minor conflicts.

         Ares ruled over war, bloodshed, death. IF THERE’S NO ARES, IT WOULD BE MOST LIKELY NO GOD OF WAR. Ares even killed his cousin, Halirrhothius because he was about to rape Alcippe , daughter of Ares. “Chirp,chirp”he killed his cousin. He is dangerous as a scary monster. Heracles, the heroes stopped Ares to be an evil man or god. The hero trying to defend all the people that he wanted to kill.

        At the end, although he embodied the physical aggression necessary for success in war, the Greeks were scared toward him because he is dangerous. The thing that we learn from this myth is that don’t be cruel to all the people until people don’t want to be with you. 

Passport to the past

Reflection to the cave art,
My reflection for my cave art is that I have slightly improved my ability to write about the history of the cave art. This makes me feel that I have slightly improved my skills in humanities. For me the most important part was to give a purpose about why are we learning about cave art. I realised that now I can give a detail on what I learn or make in this cave art. Perhaps, I can use an academic word to make this passport. What I draw in my cave art is that I draw an elephant. I kind of choose elephant because I like it and I know how can I draw it. Why did early human use to draw to communicate? Because they don’t have language and they couldn’t speak. I learn about how early humans from prehistory make a cave art. It tell me about how the early human get to communicate.img_0890 img_0891 img_0895 img_0896

Voices of Ancient World

My Reflection

I have slightly developed my skills in talking, writing etc. This makes me feel sure that I can do the video. For me the most meaningful learning was that I can improve my skills in Humanities. I usually work hard even though I face many challengers. I have learnt how to improve my speaking. So for this project, we had to choose an artifact from four ancients civilizations. And then, we need to explain about the artifact we have chosen. I chose Egyptian art because I like their art and I would like to make a video about it. I was able to find many different resources. I filmed the video by myself about it. Lastly, I made a plaque about Egyptian Art with a lot of information about it.


The full name of Nefertiti is Neferneferuaten Nefertiti and the meaning of her name is her “a beautiful woman has come”. She was born in 1370 B.C.E and she was died in 1330 B.C.E. Queen Nefertiti was the main wife of the pharaoh Akhenaten. She was the second most powerful person in Egypt and ruled alongside Akhenaten. Nefertiti is famous for a sculpture of her that shows how beautiful she was. She’s often considered as the most beautiful women in the world